Barcelona day trips


Sitges is a town that can be found just a 45 minute drive from Barcelona. Sitges is said to be an up and coming area and now has a reputation of being the ‘St Tropez of Spain’. There are 17 beautiful beaches making it a very popular tourist summer destination. Sitges, like El Maresme, is also close to several vineyards so if you’re a wine lover, you should arrange a tour and discover the secrets behind the great taste of Catalonian wine! There are also various festivals held in Sitges every year including the Fiesta Major and the International Film Festival. If you’re planning a holiday here you might want to take these in to consideration so you don’t miss out on the fun! There is plenty going on and in summer it is a perfect destination from Barcelona to explore something new.


Girona is another beautiful city located about an hour and a half drive away from the centre of Barcelona. The old town of Girona is full of galleries, 7 museums (including the award winning Cinema Museum), Gothic churches and medieval architecture. You can also visit the Arab baths which are an imitation of the medieval baths whose existence date back to the 12th century. There is plenty to discover in Girona and so we would definitely recommend a visit. Girona also sees a lot of sports tourism every year due to its impressive surrounding landscapes and of course, its status as a certified sports tourism destination. You can cycle, walk, run, any sport, you can do it...if you want to try something active then head to Girona. There are plenty of rental places and sports enthusiasts.


If you’re staying in Barcelona for a longer period of time then why not explore the region of Catalonia and head down to Tarragona for a day trip. Tarragona is a small port city with a big roman history that still remains. The main sights in Tarragona are the ancient ruins that can still be seen throughout the city with some now being preserved as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There are also plenty of religious buildings including the Tarragona Cathedral and the Convent of the Poor Clares, all have impressive architecture and won’t be missed on walking around the city. It also has some beautiful beaches and would be ideal if you want to escape the busy city of Barcelona for the day! Tarragona is located near to Reus Airport as well as being served by Tarragona railway station.


Montserrat is a very popular destination with tourists for day trips from Barcelona. It is a incredibly beautiful landscape surrounded with interesting walks through the mountains as well as being full of history with the monastery, art gallery and sculptures. You can take the train from Plaza Espanya and be at the mountains in an hour. When you arrive there are various ways in which you can get up to the top of the mountain, you can go by foot and enjoy everything that the surrounding nature has to offer, you can go by road, train or cable car. There are two cable cars (funiculars), one called the funicular de Sant Joan and the other is the funicular de la Santa Cova. The funicular de Sant Joan takes you up to an altitude of 1000m and gives you spectacular views of the monastery as well as the Pyrenees and general countryside. The funicular de la Santa Cova takes you down to the sacred cove where the legend has it the original statue of the Black Virgin was carved in 890. There is an interactive exhibition too which is great for all the family to enjoy, it explains the history of Montserrat and everything you need to know to educate yourself about this beautiful area. You can read more about Montserrat on our blog


A bit further up the coast you will find the beautiful fishing village of Cadaqués. This is a picturesque town at the easternmost point of Spain. The town itself is set around a remote bay on the Costa Brava as is a typical Spanish waterfront town. It has beautiful clear blue waters accompanied by plenty of sunshine. There are several beaches near, some can only be accessed by boat and so this should considered. For a small town, it boasts plenty of culture. It has its old town withwinding cobbled streets and the church of Santa Maria. Cadaqués is also famous for the town having a famous resident; Salvador Dali. His home is now preserved and used as a museum and can be visited by appointment.