How to book - 4 easy steps


  1. You can use our search tool to choose an apartment that meets your needs, check the availability in our calendars, select arrival date and departure date and the number of people travelling.
  2. The website will then show which apartments are available on the dates that you have specified, and only those which offer accommodation for the number of people you have requested.
  3. After making your choice of apartment you will see a BOOK NOW or an ENQUIRE NOW option.

    If you click on BOOK NOW you will be directed to a page in which you must create a profile for yourself. We will require information such as your first and second name, phone number, country of residence and age. After creating a profile you will be directed to a booking page.

    Some properties work on an 'upon request' basis where you must ENQUIRE before any payment can be taken. You will still need to create a profile in order to proceed to the enquiry page. You will be directed to a request form where you can fill out details about your stay. Your enquiry will be sent to us and we will respond within 24 hours to confirm the price and availability – please note this is 48 hours on weekends.

    In either case, please provide a valid phone number that will be reachable at the time of your arrival and your expected arrival time at the apartment.


  1. This booking page will confirm the dates of your stay, price, cleaning fee and damage deposit. You will also find the cancellation policy here. You can also enter your flight information here and any additional comments you have about the booking. You can then confirm and pay.


  1. The amount of the pre-payment or total payment is shown in the price calculation and on the booking form. If you are paying a pre-payment then the remaining balance is normally paid upon arrival.
  2. You can pay via paypal or pay with a credit card. The credit card transaction will be completed within the protected environment of our secured payment system. If you cannot or do not want to use the online system then you have the option to pay by credit card over the phone and we will make the booking manually for you. You also have the option of carrying out a bank transfer.
  3. Some properties will require you to pay the full amount upfront whereas some will ask for a deposit at the time of booking and further arrangements can be made for the rest of the payment.


Once you have completed the prepayment/payment, the apartment is booked and you will instantly receive a booking confirmation e-mail. In the confirmation e-mail you will receive full information about what to do upon arrival. The owner/manager of the apartment will automatically receive your booking confirmation to notify him/her of your stay.

We strongly urge you carefully read all of Terms and Conditions that apply to your stay with us.



Checking in and picking up the keys - This depends on the apartment that you are staying in. The conformation email will have the contact details of the property manager or owner who will be in touch regarding the check-in. Normally you will be greeted at the apartment by the manager who will hand over a set of keys.

Paying of the remaining amount - Again, it depends on the apartment and the preferences of the owner. The conformation email will contain this information but in general, some properties accept the remaining balance to be paid upon arrival (cash and sometimes card – you should check before arrival as some apartments do not accept card payments). Other apartments require the full amount to be paid in advance.




Checking out - This will depend on the apartment that you are staying in. Upon arrival you will be able to make arrangements with the accommodation manager regarding your check out.

Damage Deposit – We will first inspect the apartment and then refund your deposit in the same way that you paid it.


For further information please don't hesitate to contact us at: